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Monday, September 26, 2016

About LIA

The Long Island Association (LIA) is the leading business organization in the Long Island region. The LIA's membership is comprised of small and large businesses, technology and manufacturing companies, universities, financial service firms, banks, credit unions, hospitals, media companies and sole proprietors, which together employ two thirds of Long Island's workforce.

Founded in 1926, the mission of the LIA is to support growth, economic development and infrastructure investments on Long Island and to advocate for tax reforms and regulatory relief to improve the local economy and strengthen our business community.

Over the years, the LIA has spawned separate organizations to focus full-time attention on specific issues, including the:

The LIA is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that seeks to make Long Island a better place and business-friendly region. It is the organization looked to both on and off the Island to articulate the region's needs and its future direction. It works closely with organizations throughout the state and the country to positively influence public policy and ensure a prosperous future for the region.

LIA members enjoy a wide array of benefits-from participation on active committees addressing the major issues facing the region and networking events large and small-to major events that attract former U.S. Presidents and other nationally known respected speakers, as well as a variety of unique publications that provide special insight into Long Island's economy.