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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Accelerate Long Island

Accelerate Long Island will unlock the economic potential of Long Island's world-class research institutions by connecting their work product with entrepreneurs and inventors to commercialize technology, foster the growth of a high-tech innovative economy, and create new jobs and businesses on Long Island. By working with all relevant public and private sector stakeholders, it will create an entrepreneurial ecosystem where ideas are transformed into commercial success in industry clusters focusing on technology, clean energy and the life sciences.

A groundbreaking collaborative initiative among our region's top research institutions, the Long Island Association and the Town of Brookhaven, Accelerate Long Island will establish an innovative economy by:

  • Working with research institutions to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Increasing collaboration between research institutions and the private sector.
  • Creating an "Innovation Ally" to make technology innovations more accessible to entrepreneurs and early-stage investors.
  • Assisting early-stage start-ups by helping them access seed funding, venture capital, and government funding sources.
  • Providing a central location that promotes mentoring, networking, and tech meet-ups.
  • Identifying appropriate space for companies to locate and expand.

For more information on Accelerate Long Island or if you are interested in sponsoring a program visit www.accelerateli.org/

Accelerate Long Island Board Members

David Calone - Jove Equity Partners LLC
Michael Dowling - North Shore-LIJ Health System
Doon Gibbs - Brookhaven National Laboratory
Leo Guthart - Topspin Partners
Kevin S. Law - The Long Island Association
Mark Lesko - Executive Director, Accelerate Long Island
Stuart Rabinowitz - Hofstra University
Nancy Rauch-Douzinas - The Rauch Foundation
Roger Savell - Ernst & Young LLP
Samuel L. Stanley, Jr., - Stony Brook University
Bruce Stillman - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Charles M. Strain - Farrell Fritz
Steve Winick - Topspin Partners