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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Board Committees

LIA Executive Committee

Kirk Kordeleski, Chairman
Chris Giamo, Vice Chair
Esther Fortunoff, Vice Chair
Michael Faltischek, Vice Chair
Larry Waldman, Treasurer
Charles Strain, Counsel
Katherine Heaviside, Secretary
Kevin Law, President
Brian Cullen
Robert Catell
Robert Scott
Ernie Canadeo

LIA Committee on Directors

William Savino, Chair
Kirk Kordeleski
Robert Catell
Brian Cullen
Kevin Law

LIA Foundation

Kirk Kordeleski, Chair
Brian Cullen
Kevin Law
Robert Catell
Charles Strain

LIA Executive Compensation Committee

Kirk Kordeleski, Chair
Brian Cullen
Larry Waldman
Michael Faltischek, Vice Chair

LIA Audit Finance Committee

Larry Waldman, Chair
Robert Scott
Chris Giamo
Esther Fortunoff
Frank Crivello
Michael Faltischek
Paul Salerno
Seymour Liebman

Standing Committees

Economic Development and Infrastructure
Matthew Whalen, Co-Chair
Michael Maturo, Co-Chair

Energy and Environment
Robert Catell, Co-Chair
Gene Bernstein, Co-Chair

Health, Education and NFP
Sam Stanley, Co-Chair
Bob Isaksen, Co-Chair

Financial Services and Tax Policy
Jeffrey Alter, Co-Chair
William Savino, Co-Chair

Small Business and Sole Proprietor
Katherine Heaviside, Co-Chair
Ernie Canadeo, Co-Chair