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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is one of the major issues that all employers, large and small, will have to deal with starting October 1, 2013 with the advent of the Affordable Care Act. In 1994 the LIA became the first business organization in the nation to create a successful health insurance purchasing cooperative, called the LIA Health Alliance. The exchange model they created allowed participating employers to offer a variety of plans to their employees under one simple administrative platform and effectively offered all size employers the purchasing power of large companies.

Now under the direction of theNew York Health Alliance, the LIA Health Alliance is the preeminent and oldest private health care exchange serving Long Island and the five boroughs as well as other areas of New York State. Their unique model allows employers of all sizes to offer their employees a degree of choice in health care coverage previously unavailable. Employees choose the plan which best suits them, and employers still receive one simple enrollment form and one monthly statement.

As the LIA Health Alliance (LIAHA) has grown, it can now serve employers of all sizes and offer the latest techniques in Consumer Driven Healthcare including Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans to facilitate the adoption of new High Deductible Health Plans that will be a necessity under the Affordable Care Act for next year. LIAHA has expanded its line of available plans to include the entire suite of benefit plans to serve the employer's needs. Dental, Vision, Disability, Life, and Critical Illness plans are just a few of the ways the LIA Health Alliance can assist our members in providing the most comprehensive coverage for themselves and their employees, all at premiums that are the most competitive in the region.

The Health Alliance currently has a variety of health care suppliers, with many different benefit plans available, including plans specifically designed with low price in mind.

The LIA Health Alliance also recognizes the even more daunting challenges that Sole Proprietors face in finding affordable health coverage that provides them meaningful choices. The Health Alliance's Sole Proprietor products solve that problem. The Health Alliance currently offers sole proprietors a wide range of affordable coverage from five health plan suppliers- a total of 13 plan choices, more than you will find anywhere else.

For additional information on the LIA Health Alliance, please visit our website at: www.nyhealthalliance.com