The Long Island Association offers a solid value for your membership dollar.

Thursday, September 29, 2016



Kevin S. Law
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Long Island Association

The Long Island Association's mission is to support growth, economic development and infrastructure investments on Long Island in order to create more jobs, more rental housing and better access to and from NYC, and advocate for tax and regulatory relief and reform, all of which will improve the local economy and strengthen our business community.  When you join the LIA, you are becoming part of an organization that supports the viability of the business community and works collaboratively to create jobs and grow the Long Island economy.

By joining the LIA, you will also connect with a vast network of Long Island's small businesses and large companies. We advocate for you in Washington, Albany and locally to create economic opportunities and jobs.

Our members have exclusive access to five strategic committees that provide opportunities to pursue policy goals and network with like-minded companies, as well as governmental and economic updates and reports. The LIA holds events that feature prominent business leaders and government officials, and offers tools to help grow and manage your business, seminars, and special access on our website to promote and advertise your business and connect with others. As a member, you will have opportunities to meet government leaders at the local, state and national levels and to keep on top of legislative news. LIA members also benefit from expert economic analyses, special business forecast meetings and the LIA Annual Business Fact Book that can provide the insights your business needs to effectively compete in this competitive market. We are also developing member to member discounts and affinity programs to offer savings on products and services that may be useful for your business.

When you join the LIA, you can connect with other employers to improve the climate for all our businesses while realizing our region's immense economic potential and supporting our efforts to create an innovation economy.

We are the voice for the business community. Join the Long Island Association and add your voice to ours.

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Kevin S. Law
President & CEO


With a membership that represents small businesses, many nonprofits and the majority of larger companies in our region, the Long Island Association's (LIA) array of services and wealth of growth opportunities provides each member with a solid value for their membership dollar.


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Members find value in:

  • Our unmatched schedule of networking events.LIASS-12009_FR_HQlowres.jpg
  • The tools we provide for growing and managing your business.
  • Our constant flow of information on what is happening in this region.
  • Events that feature prominent business leaders/elected officials speaking about timely and important issues.
  • Participating in an advocacy group that helps make this area a better place to live, work and do business.
  • Affinity programs that offer savings on a variety of products and services.
  • Connections with other major businesses in the Long Island community.
  • Helping shape government policy that will affect their long-term business interests.
  • Improving brand and product awareness in their local market.

To meet the needs of both large and small businesses, as well as local nonprofit organizations–and provide maximum value–the LIA offers several membership levels. Organized as Value Packages–each with their own set of benefits–these membership levels are: Sole Proprietor/Small Business, Corporate, 4-Star and 5-Star, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Which package is appropriate for your business or organization? That depends on its size, number of employees and the value you're seeking from membership. For help selecting the best LIA membership package for you, your business, or non-profit organization, contact us.