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Thursday, September 29, 2016

LIA and Regional Business Partners Issue Letter of Support for NYSUNY 2020

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor, State of New York
Executive Chamber
New York State Capitol
Albany, New York 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo,

As leaders of the major business organizations on Long Island, we are writing to support Stony Brook University's plan in the NYSUNY 2020 program. NYSUNY 2020 will give Stony Brook University tuition flexibility, land use authority and public-private partnership capability: enabling the campus to generate new income, hire new faculty, foster new research, and serve as an engine for economic growth and create more than 8,500 jobs on Long Island.

Long Island's economy remains fragile and the region needs to be included in this important economic development initiative. According to a report issued last week by the Office of the New York State Comptroller, the economy on Long Island is growing at a slower rate than any other region in New York State except for Binghamton. Local economists cite two troubling characteristics of the Long Island job market. During this recessionary period, Long Island has lost a significant number of high paying jobs and although recent employment figures show a rebound, the new jobs being created are low-wage jobs. In a high cost area like Long Island, we simply cannot afford to replace high paying jobs with low paying jobs. Stony Brook University's participation in the NYSUNY 2020 program will create high paying jobs on Long Island.

Stony Brook University has a proven track record of commercializing technology and creating high paying jobs on Long Island and as a member of Accelerate Long Island, a new initiative being led by the Long Island Association to help further commercialize technology emanating from Stony Brook University and other top research institutions on Long Island.   In recent years, Stony Brook has launched several highly successful economic development initiatives like the Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) and the Long Island High Technology Incubator. Through these programs and others like them, Stony Brook has worked with over 2,000 companies and clients and created or saved over 1,700 jobs on Long Island.

Stony Brook University, like the University of Buffalo, is a member of the prestigious American Association of Universities – an elite group of public and private research institutions. Stony Brook University is the only public research university in New York to partner with a National Laboratory. As co-manager of Brookhaven National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy, Stony Brook is in a position to leverage both state and federal research support and partner with BNL for technology development.

Stony Brook University has committed to respond to the Challenge Grant in NYSUNY 2020 with matching funds from private and other resources, which will enable construction of an important medical research building. Construction of that building alone will create about 4,200 new jobs for Long Island. With the increased revenue generated under NYSUNY 2020, Stony Brook will hire 400 new faculty and researchers, 600 additional staff and 80 clinicians, for a total of 1,080 new positions at the University. These new research hires will be concentrated in the areas of energy, information technology, and medical and health sciences. It is estimated that the newly hired research faculty will generate $80 million state/federal and private research dollars, which will in turn be pumped into the local economy. This research money will spin off an estimated 1,900 new jobs and another 1,500 jobs will be created when Stony Brook researchers partner with industry leaders on Long Island to bring new ideas and products to market. Most importantly, many of the 8,500 jobs created will be the well-paying jobs needed to sustain job growth in a high cost area like Long Island.

For all these reasons, it is critically important for the future of Long Island that Stony Brook University's plan for NYSUNY 2020 be approved.

Thank you for your attention to this most important priority.


Kevin S. Law
President and CEO
Long Island Association (LIA)

Desmond M. Ryan
Executive Director
Association for a Better Long Island (ABLI)

Terry Alessi-Miceli
Hauppauge Industrial Association (HIA)

Frank Otto
Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT)

Mitch Pally
Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI)

Peter Goldsmith
Long Island Software and Technology Network (LISTnet)

Ernie Fazio
Long Island Metro Business Action (LIMBA)

Marc Herbst
Executive Director
Long Island Contractor's Association (LICA)

E. Christopher Murray
Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce


Joseph Mottola
Long Island Board of Realtors (LIBOR)


cc: NYS Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos
NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
Long Island Senate and Assembly Delegation
SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher
Stony Brook University President Samuel Stanley
NYS Senate Higher Ed Committee Chairman Kenneth P. LaValle
NYS Assembly Higher Ed Committee Chair Deborah Glick

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