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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ReCharge NY Low-Cost Power and Jobs

What is ReCharge New York?

ReCharge New York (RNY) is Governor Andrew M. Cuomos new statewide economic development power program for qualified businesses and not-for-profit corporations. It was signed into law on April 14, 2011.The program is designed to retain and create jobs through allocations of low-cost power.

RNY is a block of 910 Megawatts (MW) of electric power

  • 50% NYPA hydropower
  • 50% market power procured by NYPA

How to Apply

RNY applications are available online through the New York State Consolidated Funding Application (CFA).  The CFA is a single application for accessing multiple funding sources from the state.

Within the CFA, please select "Energy & Environmental Improvements" and/or "Direct Assistance to Business" as the project category and then select "Low-Cost Power" as the type of project.

Please note that if you started to complete a CFA prior to September 29th, you must re-register on the CFA website (and receive a new token/password) to submit an application for RNY power.

The deadline for submitting a completed CFA application for Recharge New York power is November 30th.

RNY Application Confidentiality
As you complete the portion of Consolidated Funding Application that is specific to the Recharge New York Power Program, you will notice that some questions are designated as "Restricted Questions."  The dissemination of information provided in response to Restricted Questions is intended to be limited to the Economic Development Power Allocation Board, NYPA''s Board of Trustees, and NYPA staff.

If you need to disclose information you believe should be treated as confidential, please do so only in response to Restricted Questions.  Also, please identify in the "Other Information" section of the CFA all responses to Restricted Questions that you believe contain confidential information. Once in NYPA''s possession, this information will be accorded the protections to which it is entitled under New York law, including Public Officers Law Article 6 (Freedom of Information Law).

Click here to begin the application
Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) Announcement
September 30 - NYPA announces CFA workshops

Who is Eligible?

While the program is open to businesses and non-profit organizations (as defined in subdivision five of paragraph (a) of section 102 of the not-for-profit corporation law), certain entities are not eligible, which includes all retail businesses, sports venues, gaming or entertainment-related establishments, and places of overnight accommodation.

Evaluation Criteria

Allocations of RNY power will be made through a competitive application process. All RNY applications will be evaluated in consideration of the program''s legislative criteria.

RNY applicants will be evaluated based on the following legislated criteria:

  • Significance of the cost of electricity to applicants total cost of doing business and the impact an RNY allocation will have on the applicants operating costs
  • New capital investment resulting from an RNY allocation in New York State
  • Type and cost of buildings, equipment and facilities to be constructed, enlarged or installed
  • Extent to which an RNY allocation would be consistent with existing regional economic development strategies and priorities
  • Applicants payroll, salaries, benefits and number of jobs at the facility receiving an RNY allocation
  • Number of jobs created or retained within New York State
  • Applicants risk of closure, curtailing facilities or operations, relocating out-of-state, or losing jobs in the state
  • Significance of applicants facility to the local economy
  • Extent of applicants investment in energy efficiency measures
  • Whether applicant receives a NYPA hydropower allocation or benefits supported by the sale of NYPA hydropower
  • The extent to which an RNY allocation will result in an advantage relative to the applicants competitors within the state
  • If applicant is a not-for-profit, the significance of the critical service or substantial benefits being provided to the local community where the facility is located

Contract Term

Contract terms may be up to seven years.


The New York State Economic Development Power Allocation Board (EDPAB) reviews applications and makes allocation recommendations to NYPA''s Board of Trustees.

NYPA''s Trustees reviews EDPAB''s recommendations prior to making final allocation decisions.