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Monday, September 26, 2016

LIA's Recent Media Coverage

To keep you informed on the latest news regarding the Long Island Association, below are the most recent media clips covering the success of the LIA''s Annual Meeting and luncheon with Rex Ryan, Boomer Esiason, and Phil Simms along with Bethpage Federal Credit Union President and CEO Kirk Kordeleski''s new appointment as Chairman of the LIA Board of Directors, the unveiling of the new LIA logo and website; the strategic partnership with the Long Island Capital Alliance; LIA''s invitation to host the Republican presidential candidates; financing plans for the Nassau Hub and more.

Newsday, February 16, 2012 – Long Island Capital Alliance Announces Strategic Partnership With Long Island

LIBN, February 16, 2012 – LIA inviting Republican candidates to Long Island

New York Post, February 16, 2012 – Jets coach denies extra motivation from Giants title

Wall Street Journal, February 16, 2012 - Ryan Says Super Bowl Was Like a 'Cruel Joke'

LIBN, February 16, 2012 – Ex-NFL QBs, Ryan lament changes in media

SyossetPatch, February 16, 2012 – Meeting of Football Minds at Crest Hollow, February 16, 2012 – Ryan says Jets have ‘scars,' but remain confident, February 16, 2012 – Rex Ryan planning on getting a Super Bowl ring, quickly

SNY TV, February 16, 2012 –

Fios1 News, February 16, 2012 –

WFAN Boomer and Carton, February 15, 2012 –

News 12, February 15, 2012 -

NY Times, February 15, 2012 – Super Bowl Matchup A ‘Cruel Joke" to Ryan

Newsday, February 15, 2012 – Rex: Giants'' ring doesn''t add motivation

Newsday, February 15, 2012 - Rex Ryan: Giants SB46 win isn't extra motivation

NY Daily News, February 15, 2012 – NY Jets' Rex Ryan avoids talk of Peyton Manning, but calls Gang Green QB Mark Sanchez an ‘ascending' talent

Newsday, February 15, 2012 – Bethpage Federal chief named new LIA Chairman, February 15, 2012 – Rex expects a Super Bowl ring... quickly

Sporting News, February 15, 2012 – Rex Ryan endorses Mark Sanchez but doesn't shoot down Petyon Manning

CBS, February 15, 2012 – Ryan plans on getting a Super Bowl ring quickly

The Star-Ledger, February 15, 2012 – Giants – Patriots Super Bowl was hard for Jets'' Rex Ryan to swallow

LIBN, February 15, 2012 – LIA elects Kordeleski chairman, rebrands

Newsday, February 14, 2012 – LI cars sales up but outpaced nationwide

Newsday, February 14, 2012 – Mangano gives Wang time on Nassau Hub plan

Newsday, February 12, 2012 – Shackled with school debt, 3 LI students'' stories

Newsday, February 10, 2012 – LI's January home prices off 5-6% in year

Times Beacon Record, February 9, 2012 – Huntington companies to get 5 percent edge in RFP process