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Saturday, September 24, 2016

NYISO President & CEO addresses LIA Energy & Environment Committee

On June 21st, New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) President & CEO Stephen Whitley addressed the LIA's Energy and Environment Committee. The NYISO is at the heart of New York State's electric system, operating the high-voltage transmission network, administering and monitoring the wholesale electricity markets, and planning for the state's energy future. The NYISO is responsible for the reliable operation of New York's nearly 11,000 miles of high-voltage transmission and the dispatch of over 500 electric power generators. In addition, the NYISO administers bulk power markets that trade an average of $7.5 billion in electricity and related products annually.
Each year, the NYISO issues its Power Trends report, an annual review of the forces and factors affecting New York State's electric system. Mr. Whitley discussed this year's recently issued report with our Committee. To view the 2012 Power Trends report click here.


From left: NYISO President & CEO Stephen Whitley, LIA Energy and
Environoment Co-Chair Bob Catell, and LIA President & CEO Kevin Law.