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Monday, September 26, 2016

LIA to Manhattan Borough Pres Stringer:Forget CPR on Dead Commuter Tax

LIA President & CEO Kevin Law Slams Proposal as Economic Malpractice

In a letter from Long Island Association President & CEO Kevin Law to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, Law sharply criticized a plan to restore a tax on suburbanites who commute to work in New York City.

As New York State tries to create a pro-economic development, business-friendly climate, resurrecting a misguided policy relic from over a decade ago would only serve to hurt the region''s economy and job creation efforts. Law wrote in the letter: "The commuter tax was given a proper burial by the New York State Legislature in 1999. Digging up the past would have a devastating effect on our economic recovery. Government leaders must recognize the enormous amount of positive economic activity that commuters generate in New York City on a daily basis. Attempts to pick the pockets of commuters and to fill city coffers at the expense of the suburbs should be stopped dead in their tracks."

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