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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

LIA Albany Update - Gov. Cuomo's Budget and Reform Plan

Governor Cuomo's Budget

On Tuesday, January 17th, Governor Cuomo presented his 2012-2013 Executive Budget and Reform Plan. The plan closes the current $2 billion budget deficit with no new taxes or fees. It also includes some mandate relief, pension reform, and increases in school aid and Medicaid funding. Additionally, the Governor's budget includes an economic development agenda that focuses on public-private partnerships and a second round of regional economic development awards. The LIA looks forward to working with the Governor and Senate Majority Leader Skelos to discuss the specific details and their impact to our region before the budget is adopted. The budget, press release, and other related materials can be found here:

Legislative Budget Hearings

The New York State Legislature will hold hearings on Governor Cuomo's budget. There are thirteen separate hearings on various issues starting January 23rd and ending February 14th. The calendar can be found here:

State of the State

On Wednesday, January 4th, Governor Cuomo gave his State of the State address. His proposals included building the largest convention center in the country at Aqueduct, casino gaming, more regional economic development funding, mandate relief, public education reform, and an energy highway to import upstate and Canadian power to downstate. You can watch and read about his State of the State at:

2012 Legislative Session

The New York State Legislature has convened its 2012 session. There are 62 scheduled days with the session ending June 21st. The calendar can be found here:

Legislation of Interest

The LIA is in the process of finalizing its 2012 Priorities. Here is a list of recently introduced legislation that has sponsors in both the Assembly and Senate and may be of interest to you. The bill texts and memos can be found here: If you would like me to send you copies, please let me know. There are many other bills that have also been introduced. If you are aware of any that you think the LIA should be advocating for or against, please let me know. To view list of recently introduced legislation click here.

New York State Legislature Committee Schedule

To view upcoming committee schedule click here.