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Thursday, August 25, 2016

LIA Economic Reports


The U.S. labor market, consumer and housing sectors are continuing to show signs of recovery. However, the looming "fiscal cliff" is increasing the level of uncertainty READ MORE


With the housing market in recovery mode and consumers beginning to spend more, the economy may have finally entered a "positive feedback loop" in which spending gains lead to employment increases which lead to further spending gains. READ MORE


The U.S. gained a modest 96,000 payroll jobs in August and the nation''s unemployment rate dipped slightly to 8.1%, only because more "discouraged" workers gave up looking for jobs. This prompted the Federal Reserve to announce QE III, an open-ended attempt to stimulate the economy. READ MORE


A comprehensive guide to business and public sector activity on Long Island READ MORE


There has been some good news in recent months. Employers added the most jobs in five months in July. READ MORE


U.S. economic growth is continuing to slow, weighed down by anemic global growth, deepening economic troubles in Europe, waning U.S. business investment and growing consumer caution. READ MORE


U.S. GDP grew at an annual rate of only 1.9% in the first quarter, slower than the 2.2% rate first reported. READ MORE


U.S. job growth continues to be disappointing. However, April manufacturing activity grew at the fastest pace in almost a year. READ MORE


There are indications that the U.S. economy slowed at the end of the first quarter. First quarter GDP grew at an annual rate of only 2.2% as compared with growth of 3.0% during the fourth quarter of 2011. READ MORE


The foundations for broader U.S. economic growth are beginning to take shape. Recent signs of economic strength included a surge in consumer confidence, growing strength in the service sector, strong corporate profits and a rising stock market. READ MORE


The U.S. economy is continuing to show signs of recovery. The pace of job growth has accelerated, manufacturing activity remains strong and the housing market has shown signs of improvement. READ MORE


Despite signs of faster economic growth, the U.S. economy still faces significant headwinds in the form of a weak housing market, a consumer sector that remains hobbled by debt, and declining government spending. READ MORE


Better economic news was overshadowed by the worsening euro-zone debt crisis, which threatened to spill over into the global economy. READ MORE