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Sunday, September 25, 2016

New York State Trade Mission 2012 to South Africa & Namibia

NYS Trade Mission 2012 to SOUTH AFRICA & NAMIBIA 
September 16-24, 2013

Empire State Development, with assistance from the US Small Business Administration, is sponsoring an Export Trade Mission to South Africa & Namibia to help New York State businesses promote their products or services to these markets.
For qualified New York State companies participating in the Export Trade Mission we can help offset the costs of:

  • Round Trip (Economy) Air Fare from NYS
  • Lodging costs
  • Initial Market Assessments
  • Roundtable Business Briefings
  • Appointment setting for on-one meetings
  • Group ground transportation

The International Division of Empire State Development of New York is planning a trade mission to South Africa and Namibia for a multi-industry group of companies, with a focus on the green and renewable energies sectors. These two countries are key English-speaking markets and are important regional locations in the southern Africa green and renewables business.

Southern Africa as a Business Destination:
Southern Africa is one of the best intermediate sized markets for American firms to investigate. South Africa's GDP at aprox. $400 billion (and about twice as much in Purchasing Power Parity) has been growing from 2.5% in 2012 to 2.8% this year and is expected to reach 3.3% in 2014, South Africa has a stable democracy, well managed economy, an educated workforce and a highly developed infrastructure. English is the language of business and popular entertainment.
Namibia is a stable democracy and a strong market in the region. GDP growth is estimated at 4% for 2012 and is viewed as an entry point for other larger and booming Southern Africa markets through its ports and well-kept roads. South Africa and most neighboring countries have a good transparency rating and legal and administrative environments similar to the USA. These factors allow business people to transact in a culturally and administratively familiar environment.

Opportunities for NYS Companies:
The region is a fast adopter of high tech imports and is seen as a particularly good market for cleantech sector products and services. These two countries imported nearly $120m last year in Pumps, ($92.85m)Thermostats and Air Coolers as well as over $50m in water filtration and other waste management products. New and innovative products are generally well-received and allow US companies to compete favorably with domestic & international competition.

CLICK HERE to view more information on the Mission program, itinerary, cost and registration.