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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Long Island Association Announces 2013 Priorities and Initiatives


Press Release

Melville, NY
February 7, 2013
Matthew Cohen 631-493-3002

Long Island Association Announces 2013 Priorities and Initiatives

            In 2013, the Long Island Association will continue to advocate for legislation and policies that improve the business climate and promote economic development for our region. The LIA will particularly focus on supporting pro-growth and job creation initiatives, legislation that can help reduce the property tax burden, and tax policies that can make the region more competitive for business.

"The Long Island Association is committed to creating jobs, spurring private investment, rebuilding from super storm Sandy and reducing the property tax burden on businesses," said Kevin S. Law, President & CEO of the Long Island Association. "The LIA will collaborate with government officials, private employers and other business organizations on Long Island and throughout New York State to build support for our core initiatives."

            The LIA''s 2013 Priorities and Initiatives include a focus on controlling the costs of public pensions, salaries and benefits. Specifically, the LIA endorses legislation that would: require all public employees participating in the New York State Retirement System to contribute 25% towards their health insurance costs, which is comparable to what state employees currently pay; end binding arbitration for public sector labor disputes; and repeal the portion of the Triborough Amendment that requires automatic salary step increases to be paid to all public employees after labor contracts expire.

            Mandate relief and fairer tax policies are also critical to making the region more business-friendly. "The LIA supports reducing the cost of construction by repealing the Wicks Law; reforming the state''s Scaffold Law by making liability standards against owners of construction projects less onerous and more fair in terms of fault allocation and liability standards; and curbing soaring Medicaid costs for county governments by having the state take over each County''s 25% share as is done in most states. Furthermore, the 18-A utility assessment that was set to expire this year should be repealed in order to make New York''s energy costs more competitive and lower energy bills," said Law.

            The LIA will continue to support major infrastructure projects to rebuild from super storm Sandy and which will create construction jobs by investing in the maintenance, reconstruction, and modernization of roads, bridges, rail, water, sewers, solid waste facilities, housing and utilities with public-private partnerships.

            In addition, the LIA has been at the forefront of building an innovation economy on Long Island, having created and incubated Accelerate Long Island to commercialize research into commerce and thus will be supporting Governor Cuomo''s proposed Innovation Hot Spots, Innovation NY Network and Innovation Venture Capital Fund which will complement the LIA''s efforts to spur growth of high tech startup companies on Long Island. "These initiatives, in addition to federal immigration reform, will create immense opportunities for the region," said Law.

            To see the LIA''s complete list of 2013 Priorities and Initiatives please click here.

The Long Island Association (LIA) is one of the largest business organizations in New York State and the leading business organization on Long Island. Founded in 1926, the LIA's membership is now comprised of small and large businesses, colleges, universities, research laboratories and nonprofit organizations, which together employ two-thirds of Long Island''s workforce. The LIA''s mission is to lead and unify the region in order to strengthen Long Island as a place to live, work, and do business.