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Thursday, September 29, 2016



As leaders of companies based and created on Long Island, we reaffirm our full support for veterans who have served our nation's defense and strength at home and abroad;

We understand our obligation to honor those serving, remember those who have fallen, and take care of those who have returned home; and

Service members transitioning out of military service and back into civilian life face many challenges, one of the most difficult is finding gainful employment; and

In the year two thousand and thirteen, the unemployment rate for veterans in the State of New York was 8.2% while the national average was 6.6%; and

Veterans possess a wide range of invaluable skills, education, training, character and experience that translate well into professional environments; and

Therefore, we have joined with Representative Steve Israel, County Executive Mangano and County Executive Bellone in a Long Island Veterans Work Initiative including:     

  • Encouraging veterans to apply for positions in our companies.
  • Coordinate and intensify efforts to identify, train, and hire veterans through the Nassau County and Suffolk County Departments of Labor and Veterans Affairs.
  • Engage with local and regional groups to broaden outreach to veterans with relevant skills and experiences.