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Monday, September 26, 2016

Economic Development Updates


The US economy continues to demonstrate moderate growth in the midst of the all-important holiday shopping season. READ MORE


The Long Island Association Annual Business Fact Book 2014 by LIA Chief Economist Dr. John Rizzo A comprehensive guide to business and public sector activity on Long Island READ MORE


The US economy continues to grow. Third quarter GDP increased by 3.5 percent, exceeding expectations. READ MORE


The economy has shown continued signs of strength in the labor market and consumer spending. Jobless claims have remained below 300,000, consistent with a growing labor market. Consumer spending has been robust, with retail sales growing by 0.6 percent in August. READ MORE


Recent economic news has been encouraging. Second quarter GDP grew by 4 percent, well in excess of expectations. Despite this growth, inflation has ticked up only slightly to 2.1 percent. READ MORE


"Today's news of very strong jobs growth in June and a decline in the unemployment rate is further evidence that the economy is back on track READ MORE


Gillibrand, Bishop Push Bipartisan Legislation to Help Launch Innovative Small Businesses, Turn Researchers into Entrepreneurs, Translate Discoveries into Marketable Products, Create High-Tech Jobs on Long Island READ MORE


The 2014 session of the New York State Legislature ended on Friday, June 20th. Throughout the session, the Long Island Association actively met with top state elected and appointed officials while lobbying for and against programs, policies and legislation to protect the interests of Long Island READ MORE


"The sharp decline in the unemployment rate on Long Island in April 2014 READ MORE


"Jobless claims fell last week and were below expected levels READ MORE


investment choice in small and medium-sized enterprises. READ MORE


Evidence of slower growth in the US economy emerged during the past month. Most notably, 4th quarter 2013 GDP was revised downward from 3.2 percent to 2.4 percent. READ MORE


Statement from LIA Chief Economist on New York's Economic Growth READ MORE


"The Governor''s budget includes a lot of good news for Long Island and the Long Island Association looks forward to working with him, READ MORE


The Governor's tax relief proposals will benefit families and businesses on Long Island and throughout the state. READ MORE


With a re-election campaign looming, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo proposed a range of business and tax breaks, including a two-year property tax freeze for homeowners in municipalities that abide by the state's 2 percent property tax cap and take steps to share or consolidate services. READ MORE


The Senate''s confirmation of Janet Yellen as Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve bodes well for a smooth transition at the Fed and continued pro-employment, pro-growth stimulus. Any tapering under Yellen''s watch is likely to be measured and gradual so as not to threaten further growth. READ MORE


The US economy continued to show improvement. The unemployment rate fell to 7.0% in November, while retail sales grew at a robust pace of 0.7%. Consumer confidence is up, and optimism about the job market is at a 5-year high. READ MORE


Although the latest jobless claims numbers were down overall, seven states -- including New York-- reported increases of more than 1,000 jobless claims. READ MORE