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Monday, December 22, 2014

LIA Economic Reports


The US economy continues to demonstrate moderate growth in the midst of the all-important holiday shopping season. READ MORE


The US economy continues to grow. Third quarter GDP increased by 3.5 percent, exceeding expectations. READ MORE


The Economic Development & Infrastructure Committee and Health, Education & Not-For-Profit Committee released a new report on the Economic Impact of the Child Care Industry on Long Island. READ MORE


The economy has shown continued signs of strength in the labor market and consumer spending. Jobless claims have remained below 300,000, consistent with a growing labor market. Consumer spending has been robust, with retail sales growing by 0.6 percent in August. READ MORE


Recent economic news has been largely favorable although slow wage increases and jobs growth in lower paying sectors have been persistent challenges throughout the economic recovery. READ MORE


Recent economic news has been encouraging. Second quarter GDP grew by 4 percent, well in excess of expectations. Despite this growth, inflation has ticked up only slightly to 2.1 percent. READ MORE