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Thursday, May 26, 2016

LIA Economic Reports


The manufacturing sector may at last be in recovery mode, showing its first expansion since last September, and this trend reflects stronger exports. READ MORE


The most recent economic news has been mixed. Fourth quarter 2015 GDP was revised upward, but still came in at just 1.0 percent. READ MORE


The New Year witnessed a sharp decline in the stock market amid renewed concerns over global economic growth and falling oil prices. READ MORE


The labor market continues to show strength and recent evidence points to stronger wage growth as well. This has translated into increased consumer confidence and spending. READ MORE


Costs, Benefits and Recommendations READ MORE


Recent economic news has been mixed. Third quarter GDP rose by just 1.5 percent and the manufacturing sector remains weak. But jobless claims came in at a 42 –year low, signaling strength in the labor market. READ MORE