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  • Our History

  • History Timeline

    1926 – Long Island Chamber of Commerce is incorporated

    1928 – Chamber Sponsors first Long Island Convention

    1936 – Organization officially changes name to Long Island Association

    1947 – Edward (E.F.) Hutton is guest speaker at LIA Annual Meeting

    1949 – Association moves offices from Penn Station to Nassau County

    1953 – LIA initiates Long Island Hall of Fame

    1959 – Organization forms its first government affairs committee

    1970 – LIA holds its first World Showcase at the World Trade Center

    1973 – Organization supports legislation to standardize education goals in public schools

    1988 – LIA Housing Committee spawns the Long Island Housing Partnership

    1991 – First Long Island Economic Summit held to discuss Long Island’s economic future

    1994 – HOV lanes from exit 49-57 open on the LIE after support from LIA

    1994 – LIA launches LIA Health Alliance

    1995 – LIA launches Project Long Island, aimed at revitalizing the Island’s high tech manufacturing sector

    1997 – LIA creates Long Island Software and Technology Network ("LISTNet"), a nonprofit representing information technology companies and promoting the Island as a high-tech region

    1998 – LIA holds the first Long Island Corporate Golf Championship

    1999 – LIA launches the Long Island Works Coalition, a nonprofit focused on workforce development that seeks to bring business and education communities together

    2003 – LIA holds the Long Island Goals Conference

    2008 – State legislation supported by the LIA for affordable housing is signed into law

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