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    The Long Island Association’s Priorities and Initiatives for 2017 include the critical issues, policies and projects we will advocate for on behalf of the Long Island business community this year. We are committed to achieving these objectives in order to create jobs, spur private investment, promote economic development, reduce the property tax burden and improve the overall business climate in our region. The LIA will continue to collaborate with other organizations on Long Island and throughout the state to build support for these initiatives.

    Top 17 Priorities in 2017

    1. Top 17 Priorities for 2017

      1. Support a public referendum to be held in November, 2017 that would establish a new New York State Constitutional Convention that could propose changes to how our state and municipalities operate.

      2. Lead efforts to bring the New York Islanders back home to the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum.

      3. Oppose federal efforts to cap or eliminate income tax deductions for state and local taxes and mortgage interest as it would inequitably impact our region.

      4. Partner with Energeia to support legislation to establish a single election day of voting for all special districts (fire, sanitation, library, water, etc.) on Long Island.

      5. Continue to support the Right Track Coalition to help build community support for Governor Cuomo’s proposed Long Island Rail Road Expansion Project from Floral Park to Hicksville (formerly known as the Third Track) while supporting additional investments in the LIRR, including implementing the MTA’s $29 billion 2015-2019 Capital Program, as efforts to make it easier to get to and from New York City strengthen our region.

      6. Curb soaring Medicaid costs for county governments by requesting the state take over each county's local share, as is done in most states. This would help stabilize the finances for both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

      7. Build regional support for the expansion of Long Island MacArthur Airport with new airlines and destinations, a Federal Inspection Services facility to allow for international flights directly into and out of MacArthur, strengthen its connectivity to the LIRR station at Ronkonkoma and promote and encourage businesses in Nassau and Suffolk Counties to use the airport for air travel needs.

      8. Support continued state funding for the creation of a Research Corridor from Brookhaven National Laboratory to the New York Genome Center in Manhattan, two major redevelopment projects at the Nassau and Ronkonkoma Hubs and other significant projects out of the “Transformative Investment Program,” a financial commitment by the state in our physical, intellectual and natural infrastructure that could leverage billions of dollars in additional private investments while creating thousands of construction and permanent jobs for our region.

      9. Support measures to improve and expedite New York’s foreclosure process to address the problem of vacant and abandoned properties in foreclosure, relieve the backlogged court system, reduce the amount of time homes sit in disrepair and promote neighborhood stability.

      10. Support new initiatives for substantial federal investments in infrastructure, including the creation of a national infrastructure bank.

      11. Advance “LI-Bio” – a committee of the LIA that serves as a platform to help expand Long Island’s burgeoning sector of companies focused on biotechnology and life sciences and that acts as a forum for those in these industries to network and collaborate. Also, build upon new life sciences initiatives announced by Governor Cuomo and potential synergies and opportunities between New York City and Long Island.

    2. 12. Support a five year rational and predictable tuition plan for SUNY and CUNY to benefit our state colleges, universities and community colleges on Long Island. Also, insist the state analyzes the impacts of the Governor’s proposal to provide free tuition at SUNY and CUNY schools (the “Excelsior Scholarship”) on private colleges and universities and ensure the state conduct an analysis of any cap on tuition increases where Tuition Assistance Program (“TAP”) eligible students attend.

      13. Support the financial viability of our not-for-profit hospitals in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and their employees as the federal government proceeds to potentially repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and support measures to ensure that the new health insurance system established by the federal government does not impose unnecessary or onerous costs, mandates and burdens on the business community.

      14. Support implementation of a new, comprehensive energy master plan for Long Island to guide energy policy decision making in the region while promoting diverse energy supplies and projects, including solar and offshore wind projects, the expansion of natural gas by increasing domestic production, boosting imports and distributing it via existing and/or new petroleum pipelines, the importation of more hydropower from Upstate and Canada, and incentives for biofuels.

      15. Support more investment in sewage infrastructure and 21st century septic systems in the region that allows for mixed-use and transit-oriented development projects, especially those that will increase the supply of rental housing on Long Island. Also, support the work of the groundwater resource protection plans being prepared by the Long Island Regional Planning Council and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (while not overregulating or hindering the business community) to reduce nitrogen and other harmful pollutants as our economy is strengthened by a healthy environment and a degraded environment produces fewer jobs.

      16. Build on the success of the LIA’s Women’s Collaborative by supporting businesswomen’s issues that include, but are not limited to, equal pay for equal work, ending workplace sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. Also, commemorate the Women’s Suffrage movement in New York and the 100th anniversary of the state’s approval of the right for women to vote through public events that honor the past and support public policy initiatives that continue to fight for women’s equality.

      17. Support and promote actions that will make child care and early education more affordable and accessible to all working families on Long Island that will lead to additional economic development opportunities, workplace productivity and retention of more young professionals and families.

    Click here to view the complete Long Island Association Federal, State and Local Priorities and Initiatives for 2017.


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