• About Us

  • Mission:

    The Mission of the Long Island Association is to lead and unify the region in order to enhance, strengthen and protect Long Island as a premier place to live, work and play. The LIA shall advocate for policies, programs and projects that create jobs, spur private investment, reduce the federal, state and local tax burden, improve access to and from New York City and improve the overall business climate in our region. We will support economic development, workforce housing, greater state support for education, public safety, clean reliable energy, workforce training and retention, environmental protection, technology and infrastructure investments, and our not-for-profit organizations as well as opportunities for growth, equality and diversity in our region.

    The Long Island Association:

    • Actively advocates the interests of, and promotes cooperation among, the business, labor, educational, scientific, technology, not-for profit and civic communities
    • Seeks to create and retain balanced economic opportunities and jobs in a clean, healthy and safe environment
    • As Long Island's Chamber of Commerce, provides valuable services and programs/representation to its membership organizations, particularly the small business community


    Non-profit and non-partisan, the LIA helps businesses succeed so they can create and retain jobs here. It also identifies the issues our entire region faces so Long Island itself can be successful; taxes, housing, energy costs, education, transportation, economic development and many others.

    The LIA acts as the voice of the business community, encouraging government - at all levels - to do what is right for Long Island. Long Island is a great place to live, work and do business, but we need to keep it that way.

    The LIA helped launch:


  • Senator Charles Schumer:
    “Since its inception in 1926, the Long Island Association has been dedicated to supporting growth, economic development and infrastructure investments on Long Island. The LIA and its President & CEO Kevin Law are carrying on the organization’s 90 year tradition of influencing public policy at the federal, state and local levels to ensure businesses can start here, stay here and expand here. I would like to applaud the LIA for its commitment in shaping the Long Island economy. I am confident that the LIA and its President & CEO Kevin Law will continue to work for the betterment of our community for many years to come.”