• The Who, What and Where Reference to your Federal, State, County, Town, City and Village

    Founded in 1926, the Long Island Association’s (“LIA”) mission is to advocate for policies, programs and projects that benefit Long Island and to support economic development and infrastructure investments on Long Island in order to create jobs, spur private investment, reduce the property tax burden, improve the overall business climate in our region and create better access to and from New York City, all of which will improve the local economy and strengthen our business community. The LIA encourages all Long Islanders to participate in our democracy. That means paying attention to what our elected officials are doing and letting them know when we agree or disagree. Government officials at the federal, state, county and local levels really can be made responsive to the concerns of ordinary citizens but only if those citizens make the effort to tell them what they want. The Long Island Guide to Public Officials and Economic Development, published by the LIA and TD Bank, helps Long Islanders do that by making it easier to communicate with a wide range of elected officials and others who serve in government.

    To receive your copy, please send an email to: poguide@longislandassociation.org or 
    download your pdf copy here.