• Due to the Covid-19 pandemic increased infection rates in our region, the LIA’s office will be closed again at least until January 4, 2021. Our team will be working remotely and thus remains available to assist your business with any issue or question you may have. If you have any questions or need our assistance, please email Matt Cohen at mcohen@longislandassociation.org. Thank you.

  • LIA Priorities

  • The Long Island Association’s Priorities and Initiatives for 2020 include the critical issues, policies and projects we will advocate for on behalf of the Long Island business community this year. We are committed to achieving these objectives in order to create jobs, spur private investment, promote economic development, create affordable housing, reduce the federal, state and local tax burden and improve the overall business climate in our region. The LIA will continue to collaborate with other organizations on Long Island and throughout the state to build support for these initiatives.

    The LIA's Top Priorities: 20/20


    1. Advocate for the full reinstatement of SALT deductions as the federally approved cap on them inequitably impacts our region.
    2. Oppose the proposed federal single payer health insurance plan commonly referred to as “Medicare for All.”
    3. Oppose federal proposals to permit oil and gas drilling off the coast of Long Island, which could considerably damage our environment and our economy.
    4. Support congressional passage of the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement to help manufacturers grow in the United States, compete globally and support manufacturing jobs across the country.


    1. Oppose any new taxes or fees on businesses to close the state’s projected $6 billion budget deficit, and oppose any state efforts to shift additional Medicaid costs to county governments,
    2. Oppose the New York Health Act which would eliminate private health insurance and impose $139 billion in new state taxes to pay for a state-based single payer health insurance system, and oppose a wholesale reduction in provider reimbursement rates from current commercial levels which would cause a significant financial impact to hospitals, physicians and health systems, endangering access and quality of health care for all New Yorkers.
    3. Support efforts to make Long Island the offshore wind capital of our country. Continue to support the Governor’s call for 9,000 megawatts of offshore wind; and lead regional efforts to support the construction of 1,700 megawatts recently awarded to the Empire Wind and Sunrise Wind projects; ports for the manufacturing and assembly of wind turbines at Port Jefferson, Greenport and Shoreham and the new National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium at Stony Brook University and support efforts to create a workforce training institute for jobs to be generated by this new renewable power source; and support use of the Dowling College campus in Shirley and/or the EPCAL site in Calverton for the manufacturing of Purpose-Built Unmanned Aircraft to support the offshore wind industry.
    4. Continue to support the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project to meet the demand for natural gas for new development projects in our region.
    5. Support a fair compromise on prevailing wage legislation that balances the needs of the labor community and the financial viability of construction projects; and oppose the expansion of recently passed rent regulations in New York State that could negatively impact the cost of new apartments on Long Island (which has the smallest percentage of rental housing of any metropolitan area in the country) as developers would struggle to attract the private financing necessary to build more affordable units despite the substantial demand in the region.
    6. Support continued state funding for the creation of a Research Corridor from Brookhaven National Laboratory to the New York Genome Center in Manhattan and expand the corridor east to include research activities on Plum Island. Support increased federal funding for research at our world-class local institutions and facilities, and support the Bio-Residential Complex and the Artificial Intelligence Neuroscience Center (“Neuro-AI”) at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the proposed Center for Autism and Therapeutic Modalities at Molloy College, the Wellbridge Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Research Center at Calverton, a new building for the school of engineering at Stony Brook University and the new Applied Social Sciences Center at Farmingdale State College.
    7. Support and promote policies and programs that will make child care and early education more affordable and accessible to all working families on Long Island that will lead to additional economic development opportunities, workplace productivity and retention of more young professionals and families. Also, advocate for equitable state funding for pre-kindergarten education and a regional technical assistance center for Long Island.
    8. Support a new five-year New York State Department of Transportation Capital Plan that fully funds critical road, highway and bridge projects on Long Island, including New York Route 347, the Oakdale Merge, Sagtikos Parkway widening, Northern State Parkway widening, Meadowbrook Parkway at Southern State Parkway capacity improvements and the Long Island Expressway at Shelter Rock Road, as well as a doubling of the CHIPs funding for local municipalities.
    9. Support the Governor’s proposed $3 billion “Restore Mother Nature” Bond Act to protect against extreme weather and rebuild our physical and environmental infrastructure, only if it is agreed to in an MOU ahead of the referendum that Long Island receives its fair share of said funds.
    10. Support New York State Court of Appeals Chief Judge Janet DiFiore’s proposed constitutional amendment to make the State court system more efficient, more accessible to litigants and less costly to businesses, and support the creation of a 5th Department of the Appellate Division for Nassau and Suffolk Counties.


    1. Support Nassau County’s efforts to secure local approvals and state funding for the redevelopment at the Nassau Hub, including the creation of a live, work, play Innovation District with a Biotech Park surrounding anchor tenant Northwell Health; a Bus Rapid Transit system to the Hempstead and Mineola LIRR stations; affordable housing; and green pedestrian crossings to Hofstra University, Nassau Community College and RXR Plaza as well as a structured parking facility to maximize the usage for the remaining acreage surrounding the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum.
    2. Support the efforts of Suffolk County and the Town of Islip to redevelop the south side of the Ronkonkoma Hub adjacent to Long Island MacArthur Airport, including a new structured parking facility and additional infrastructure improvements, a privately financed sports, entertainment and health care hub, along with a state-of-the-art convention center; and build regional support for the expansion of the airport with new airlines and destinations, and strengthen its connectivity to the LIRR station at Ronkonkoma.
    3. Support more investment in sewage infrastructure and 21st century septic systems in the region that allows for mixed-use and transit-oriented development projects, especially those that will increase the supply of rental housing on Long Island.
    4. Support a regional marketing effort with the Long Island IDA Coalition and other organizations to promote all the good investments being made in our region’s infrastructure, environment, education and efforts to expand our life sciences industries.
    5. Support equality and diversity on Long Island and speak out against racial steering, segregation and speech that breeds hatred, especially against undocumented immigrants, which is wrong and hurts the perception of our business region. Also, advocate for increased compliance and public awareness to curb housing discrimination while supporting updated zoning policies and additional tax incentives to encourage developers to build more multifamily housing, particularly affordable units, and support additional fair housing education efforts.
    6. Support the Hauppauge Industrial Association’s newly rebranded Long Island Innovation Park and its plans to cluster together industries there, while exploring the potential to add new apartments and recreational spaces in the park, as well as the development of a Workforce Training Center.

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